Recommendations for finding/using website templates?

I am about to start looking for a website template. I’m looking for one where the design and layout is mainly CSS. I’m willing to pay for a good one that I like. I would rather do this than build my own from scratch. From there I plan to modify it wherever I can, but use it as a starting point.

Can anyone name me some good places to go that they recommend to find templates, and are there any problems that I may run into, or cautionary tales that I should keep in mind?

Thanks in advance guys.

That depends on what you want to do over what time scale.

If you are going to use ShinyCMS, Wordpress or Drupal then there are plenty of templates available either free or for a price. Simply google for them. You can create your own theme, or modify an existing one, but you will still need some knowledge to be able to do that.

If you plan to create your site by other means then you might want to look at something like .

If you have little experience in typical web-site design tools such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript but wish to learn, then I can suggest nothing better than buying the excellent books Sitepoint offers. Whether you use a CMS or start from scratch, you’ll learn a lot more with them by your side.



Products are top notch, and support is usually pretty good. I’m not experienced, but with the documentation they provide, I can do it. You get what you pay for.