Is there a calculator for this? How many 264kb are in 1 gigabyte?

264kb of 1 mb is

1 gigabyte is 1024mb

What’s 264kb of 1 gigabyte, or of 1024mb?

How many 264kb are in 1 gigabyte?

Just as a Gb is 1024 Mb, an Mb is 1024 Kb.

It’s good to consider bandwidth limits, but I think any typical host you can find would be OK for starting out. Just don’t sign up for a long term contract if you think you might need more anytime soon.

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I have a image that’s 264kb, I was trying to figure out how many of those would equal 1 gb?

I’m sure you’re capable of doing that basic maths without assistance, @asasass

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no I’m not. If I was able to I would not have asked.

Just put How many 264kb are in 1 gigabyte into the Google search or it works in my address bar.

I’m not good with decimals.


Just convert everything to the lowest common unit (in this case Kb) hen do the division. eg.

__Gb times 1024 = __Mb
__Mb times 1024 = __Kb
__Kb divided by __Kb = answer

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__Kb divided by __Kb = 1


Only if you fill in the blanks with the same number.

That’s strange as I get:[quote=“Rubble, post:6, topic:253375”]
1 gigabyte / 264 kilobytes = 3787.87879

So, it’s about 3,787 images, if their all 264kb. ???

Looks like Google is working on the Giga being a 1000 multiplier and not 1024 as used in computer terms.

3,787 as opposed to 3,971 so the answer is actually 3,971


As the saying goes, “close enough for government work”


Also if you are talking about a1GB hard drive it will not have 1 GB of storage space - wrong assumption of mine as I have just seen an interesting article here:

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No, Google, blogger gives you 1 gb of free storage space, dropbox gives you 2gb.

If you’re talking storage and not bandwidth, I doubt all the images will have the same weight.

It isn’t so unusual to have images of set dimensions, but I have not before heard of anyone wanting all images to have the same weight.

all the images would probably be in kb, probably even less than that. 1 gb should be fine then.