Is bigger, better?


I’ve just finished (ok…almost), my first dynamic site and it relies heavily on a database. I have a GoDaddy account, and just noticed (oops!) that there’s a 1 gigabyte allotment for each database. I truly have no sense of whether 1 gigabyte is a lot or REALLLY a lot. If each user will be supplying approximately 2000 English characters to be held in the database from my site, then how long until I’m in trouble?

With that said, are there hosts out there with unlimited database sizes?



2000 characters, assuming a 1 byte encoding like ASCII or ANSII is ~2kb per user. 1Gb/2kb ~= 500 000

So you can host about 500 000 users on that 1 Gb

Assuming 2 byte characters like UTF-8 you can host about 250 000 users on that 1 Gb

Generally speaking, if you’re not facebook or twitter or anything in that order of magnitude, 1Gb for a database (provided you won’t use it story binary data such as images) is A LOT!


oh my goodness yes


maneuverability is also important, though

If I host 500,000 users, then at $30 buck a pop I’ll have retired to the Caymans and I won’t worry about the next poor souls who get some sort of “Database Overload Error”. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for allaying my paranoia.


that just ain’t gonna be enough :smiley: