How much space (host) does my site need?


Can you explain me what kind of content does have site that occupies 1GB? What is the minimum number of pages or images? I need to understand better the relation between GB and the website content.


I don’t really understand your question.
Every file that makes up a web site takes us some space with its file size. Things like html, css and js file are usually not very large, so you would need an awful lot of them the make up 1GB.
However things like images and videos have much larger file sizes, it is usually media like that which takes up most of the space if they exist.
Maybe you could explain better what it is you want to know and why you ask.

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What I need to know is how much space (GB) does my host plan should have to host my website. I do not know exactly the size of my website. I need to know this to understand what kind of hosting plan I should get.

If you don’t know that information, I’m not sure how anyone here would be able to advise you. Can you not look it up in the folder properties of what you’ve developed offline?

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Do you have your website made and stored locally?
You should be able to find the file size of the parent folder on your computer where it is stored.
If the site also has databases, they may be stored elsewhere. But they may be a separate issue depending on the hosting plan.
Would you consider it to be a large site, with very many pages? Does it contain a lot of media like images and video?
A smallish site should easily fit within 1GB, but a larger site with lots of pictures may not.

You host should be able to tell you what the limits are.