Is that possible to turn flash action script to jquery?

I’ve been looking for any idea on how to achieve the same animation effect from the flash action script on the homepage with jquery.

It’s really an amazing slide effect. I’ve been unable to sleep tight after saw those slide panel effect and thinking how to use same effect but in jquery.

I’ve been doing a research with jquery masonry layout plugin from david desandro to achieve same effect but still got nothing.

Any Ideas?

That would be some pretty awesome jQuery code. I’m not sure if jQuery would be as smooth as Flash if asked to handle that much of a load. You could experiment with animating the css clip property and using percentages to control the width of the boxes. If you get it to work, I’d love to see it.


Still not found any useful idea to work with it. Almost giving up :sick:. But will try more research… Actually the masonry layout plugins really do the layout hard work. But Cannot get the effect to work fine. May be I should contact the masonry owner.