Javascript question

Hello, I originally posted this question in the CSS thread thinking it was a CSS positioning flaw that was making my body content move up into the header and nav section on smaller viewports. I was advised by a CSS expert here on a sitepoint that there is a javascript that is controlling that function and is responsible for the design flaw. There is a jquery script that controls the “slideUp” and “slideDown” function when moving from page to page that is probably the culprit.

Also, can someone tell me how to change the “slideUp” and “slideDown” effect to a simple “fadeIn” for the transition?

Any chance someone here can take a look and help me please?

Thanks in Advance!


Hello juxtapoze,

There is one useful plugin “jQuery Cycle Plugin” which might help you. By using this plugin you can give various effect to your content like slideup , slidedown, slideright, slideleft, fadeIn and many more…just search for this plugin and check the effects it provide.

Thank you Jimmy…Im not sure that plugin would help me as this jquery effect is hard coded into the design of my theme?

This site design is supposed to be live on Sat and I desperately need some assistance with the first line in my original post? Can someone please take a look and offer some advice. Im willing to pay someone for their time.


Hi there,

I can’t help you overly much, as the newIDEA theme you are using is a paid theme, and you have to login to their site before you can go browsing their support section.
Nonetheless, looking at the code of your page, the slider effect appears to be based on the “nivo-slider” plugin, which is relatively configurable.

I did find one page on their site which might be of some use to you (maybe):
I would also be pretty sure that the effects are in some way configurable from the WP-dashbard.