Is online gaming dieing?

I haven’t played online games in over 4 years but just came across a game and i haven’t had this much fun playing a game since PS2. By online gaming i don’t mean the games you install on your PC and play online, i am strictly talking about web based flash games for example. Everyone these days seems to have either moved on to consoles or RPG based games on PC.

Do any of you still play online games?

I don’t play flash based games but I have played browser-based ones and a lot of them seem to have reached or past their peek and are in decline in terms of the number of players. It seems like it reaches a point where the people who know them best and/or are able to be online the most will farm the newer players which results in fewer people sticking around the games.

If I were to play an online game now I would probably play one where you have a home base or somewhere where you can keep your character safe when you’re offline as with some online games in the time that you’re sleeping you can get wiped out and depending on the game it could take a long time to rebuild

I wouldn’t say that they’re dead… look at the number of people that play on FB! but it is hard to keep the player hacked for too long

What do you mean hacked?

I wasn’t aware that a lot of people play games on facebook, but my overall assumption was browser based games as spacepheonix pointed on are on decline due to the number of other types of gaming available. And with new games consoles coming out before the end of this year and with a lot more possibilities on what you can do on them. I think online gaming on websites will soon become redundant.

To be frank its not like they are dying but the people are moving to some high graphics and motion games with cool graphics and music. Very few ppl play flash games and online games if they are bored only and not out of their interest or smethng.

Games are huge on Facebook. There are something like 40 million active users of Farmville 2, the top game on Facebook.

Not at all, but its rather thriving :slight_smile:

I think online gaming is not dieing. I have been playing online games at miniclip. They have the best games to play.

Isn’t everybody addicted to CandyCrush? It seems to me this thing is stronger than WOW :))))

Sometimes I still play flash games as to pass some time. It is because most of them are free and don’t need the heavy specs needed by hi-end games. I don’t think they’re dying. They’re still very popular, especially to elementary kids. I still prefer mainstream games because of their graphics quality and more expanded gameplay.

I think i have more interest in playing online games than my ps3 these days. Most of these games have come up trumps on the phones these days, so i guess phone gaming has slightly taken over due to amount of addictive games that are available nowadays… Angry birds, tapped out etc. I have come across one currently and it is rather addictive as well,

I wonder if most developers think that creating games for phone itself is their main criteria rather than the pc based flash games.

Online gaming is still active. In fact, most young people are playing high graphics online games, whether RPG, MMO, or FPS. It’s just that when we get older we have to do something more productive than gaming.

i havent played an online game for ages. i am addicted to xbox live

As of this moment, there are over 4.8 million people online on the steam game network playing online games.

For a comparison, the entire population of Manhattan is about 1.6 million, and the entire population of NYC is about 8.3 million.

And that’s only on one game network! There’s also EA’s Origin, XBox Live, PSN, and so on.

Gaming is very much alive.

hm… i think most of the people here misunderstood your question. He meant if the Flash version of onling gaming dead… like Farmville and etc… The answer is YES due to accessbility issue for mobile browser and tablets…heck Android Play store no longer have Flash. I am 100% sure Flash can create awesome games but it’s not as accessible as before.

It’s not dying. They’re going mobile!

most of the common pc games are also now turned in to online games. online games are just gearing up. there are several online games and gaming industry. there are also ranking better in mobile online games too.

Ya , i play cod ghost online, but that too very rare.

I think It’s not dying…I always remember that my 1st experience was with Duke Nukem 3d.

I would do a direct modem to modem conection with my firends down the street and get pleasure from some Fun Co-Op Duke 3d. Those were the times.

For my point of view online game is not dieing.It is working proper with extra graphic and technologies based.