What flash games do you play?

Hi guys, I was wondering how many of you play online flash games?
What are your favorite ones?

Do you play them at school or at home ?

I play dinorun. :slight_smile: I play it at home. When I got nothing to do.

I might leave this thread open, if you tell us why you want to know. Otherwise it’ll just be a meaningless list of game names.

we have a website for play pc games.

Good. But self-promotion is not allowed in SPF :wink:

i play metal slung flash game online

I am not a big flash game player but sometimes i like to play miniclip .

Eh. Run if I want to waste time. I like the challenge and the mindless repetition :smiley: Good to relax, even if you’re not fully thinking about it.


You can also get an extension like DownThemAll (Firefox) and navigate to a page with a built in Flash Game, while using the DownThemAll extension to download the specific extension.

Yeah I normally play Bubble Spinner and Combine at home, when I feel like doing nothing.

I used to play apple shooter. it is very interesting game.

I love to play IGI

I always play it on facebook, a lot of them are funny

I like to play Need For Speed latest version.

The OP never returned to the thread, so it is becoming a meaningless list.
Thread closed.