Is it right to charge extra fees for purchasing tickets online?

What do you think about ticketing companies who charge extra fees like convenience charges for purchasing tickets online?

Do you think it is right think?

<snip> We don’t charge any extra fees to both fans and event presenters for buying or selling tickets online.

i think its ok if ticketing companies charge some extra money. its saving our convenience as well as time.

Personally, I don’t get it. Doesn’t it make it easier for the ticketing company as well? Since it’s more convenient for both, why does there need to be an extra fee?

In a nutshell, the cost of a ticket typically includes:

  • Talent compensation (money that goes to the artist, and the largest portion of the ticket price)
  • Service fees & convenience charges (administrative costs for the ticket seller; the ticket seller’s main source of income)
  • Delivery fee (shipping fee for tickets, or fee for a will call for the tickets)
  • Facility charge (this goes to the upkeep of the venue. This price is typically set by the venue, and not the ticket seller)
  • Sales tax

Ok adeela. Thank you for Your feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback.

I don’t get it either. Paying for a service is fine. Paying just for the privilege of buying online seems odd. But it’s pretty common…

It’s basically a way of hiding some of the cost, to make the service or product look less expensive than it really is. It’s not so very different from the airline that quotes a fare to get you from A to B, and then adds a check-in charge, a baggage charge, and so forth.

There’s no logical reason for it. After all, you don’t expect to pay a service fee if you buy your groceries on-line, or if you pay your taxes on-line. On the contrary, the fact that on-line is more convenient and reduces paperwork should make it cheaper, not more expensive.

It’s especially pernicious for events or services where you have to book on-line - where there’s no other way of doing it. The market should react against these charges, and takes its business elsewhere.


I guess that’s the big problem - there usually isn’t anywhere else to buy a ticket for a particular event. If there are several outlets then they all do a similar thing - why wouldn’t they?! So I suppose fixing that would come down to regulation of some sort.


There is no harm in charging minimal fee for online ticket booking. After all saves individual’s time, travelling, standing and booking it from a counter part.

That’s true. But it also saves money and time for the event promoter. Why should the customer have to pay the promoter for those savings?


well, paying more fees it is always inconvenient but on the other hand, if that makes our life easier, no probs…

yes, but charges should be fitted in all pockets too

What do mean?

i mean that some charges extraa fee for making profit .
i simply said charging fee should be netural so that many of users can take benefits too.

I never tried to hurt anyone if it so then
I AM SORRY :frowning:

What is the commission rate?

Yes, since you’re life is made easier by purchasing ticket online, you avoid the hassle and all those stuffs.