Is it possible for anyone?


Is it possible for anyone to Learn and Be Good at all these things together:
HTML, CSS, Vanilla JavaScript, JQuery and Core PHP?

Thank you

Not possible I think since no one responded after 3-4 hours :slight_smile:

And why do you draw from that the conclusion that it’s not possible? There seems no connection to me.

The only conclusion I can draw from the lack of response is that nobody with anything worth saying has been around since you posted your question. You are being very impatient, expecting an answer so quickly.

so its possible?

and well… is it recommended?

I mean is it good to be a jack of all trades (PHP, JS, JQ) or be a master of one?

Both JS,JQ on one hand and PHP on the other hand has sooooo many things to learn. How do people cope up with?

Sure it is. You just have to be really dedicated to learning it all. You can easily become proficient in each of those.

You are looking at this all wrong. You shouldn’t be looking at, “can I learn all of these things well?”, but rather “Which of these to I enjoy working in the most?”

Do you prefer to work front-end or back-end? That question alone will tell you what to focus on. And once you limit your initial focus and learn that part well, job opportunities will be a next easy step. And at that point, you could start to learn and become more proficient in other areas that may be of interest.

I’ve been working in all of those technologies and more for many years.


I got my answer. Thank you a lot.

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Everyone learns at a different speed. You need to take into account that all the suggested languages are generic. The first thing any programmer should learn before learning any language is

  • Logic
  • Indentation
  • Structure

And many others that I can’t list at the moment. Just ran out of my break time.

Yup, Thank you.

Are you in office?

Anything’s possible my friend. So as long as you have the passion and right attitude towards learning these things, then you’ll be able to become good at these things in no time.:slight_smile:

Thank you Fire :slight_smile:

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