Is it okay downloading themes & plugins from wordpress soft

I’m in plan to create a website with wordpress and needed a premium theme. However, i got to see to that for low cost than listed on developer site. is it okay

buy from from them and install it on my wordpress. Since they mention they provide frequent updates of theme and are original.

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There is no contact information or address on that site, and the domain is registered with privacy protection. I would caution against doing business with an unknown entity.

All items listed in WordPressSoft directory has been developed by third-party developers and redistributed by WordPressSoft under the terms of the General Public Licence (GPL). WordPressSoft is not associated with or endorsed by the developers of any items featured on this site. Themes, plugins & Extensions available for download at WordPress Soft (including all the downloadable content of the website) are only for testing and working demonstration purposes. If you wish to use software for any business purposes, the subjective software should be free from infringing trademarks of respective Author/Developer.

What does that mean? The items I checked were not released under General Public Licence (GPL), so this site surely has no authority to redistribute them as such.

Even if they are acting legally (which seems unlikely to me at a quick glance), they offer no guarantees and no support.

Is it really worth a small saving to risk using a dodgy-looking site, when you could buy the same item legally with full support for very little more? Remember, you have to keep paying the subscription fees here, as well as the cost of the downloads.


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