Can I GPL some of my WordPress theme and not the rest?


GPL has got me confused and I’m hoping that someone(s) can shed light on this.

For example, if I create a commercial theme for WordPress, I understand that the PHP code is GPL’d by default – at least this is my understanding.

But what about the stylesheets, sample images, gradient images, icons, and layout? Are those also put under GPL by default, or can I specify a different license for those elements?

The theme won’t be distributed with WordPress, but it really doesn’t do anything without WordPress.

Thanks for any insight!


There is this article from around 3 years ago, judging by the comments to that article there doesn’t seem to be a consensus. IANAL, you should consult a lawyer who deals with copyright if in any doubt.

Thanks a lot for that, SpacePhoenix. I have spoken to a couple Copyright attorneys and their opinion is that it’s gray area and not really settled on way or the other.

I didn’t read through the comments knowing all too well what those types of topics can spiral into, but the article makes some good points and does answer my question. :wink:

Thanks again!