Is it best to self-host to get paid to write content?

There seems to be many places you could write content for. Here are a few I’ve seen:
Associated content

Is it safe to say if you had your own self-hosted blog site (with the ads, of course), you could surpass in income these companies I mentioned? Most of these indicate a percentage of the sales, as much as 60% that I’ve seen that you could get paid, whereas a self-hosted solution, you have full control and make 100% the payouts. Anybody had experiences with any of these services and / or decided to go with a self-hosting solution?

Hi stephenmilley.

I’ve never used any of these services personally but I am familiar with several and use associated content from time to time, so I just wanted to offer my opinion.

I’m sure if you were to create a blog that generated high traffic, your ad payouts would be much higher however it’s not easy to get your blog to that level. It would take some serious time and dedication to get the word out about your personal blog site to a point in which you could start making serious revenue.

The sites you mentioned on the other hand have done all of the hard work for you. The sites are already well established & provide tools to make it very easy to acquire new subscribers and develop a following, thus generating more ad revenue, more quickly.

What you could do, is do both. Create an article on these sites, then post that same article to your own personal blog (assuming these blog sites don’t have any restriction against republishing the article). This will allow you to pick up some revenue from these content sites while you’re building up your own personal one. Try it for six months to a year, compare revenue amounts, and see which one is working best.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: