Is it advisable for merchant to issue a refund via Send Money in PayPal?

I did some work for one of my clients and half the way I realized I had under-quoted him so I decided to give up. I offered to issue a full refund to him but as it has now passed the refund period of 60 days in PayPal, I can’t issue the refund the normal way - there’s no refund option any more 60 days after the transaction.

So it seems to me the only way to return the money is via Send Money. Or is it?

If it is, my question is, is it safe / advisable for me to do it this way? What if I have sent the money and then he does something to reverse the original payment? Like a dispute or chargeback or something? As far as I know, the original payment is not reversible at this point, or is it?

Any suggestion and help would be appreciated, thanks!

You can still send money by pay-pal as long as you have the recipients email address.

Thanks for the reply. I know I can send the money back to the payer but I want to know is it safe and advisable to do so? What if I sent the money and the receiver (a.k.a the original payer) reverse the original payment and I end up losing the money.

I would have thought Paypal would still be the best bet as you will have a trail that Paypal can see; make sure you mark the payment as a refund payment. If you start involving another company you will have more problems as you will have two companies you are dealing with.

The original payment was funded by a bank checking. Is it safe to refund the money to him?

The original payment was funded by a bank checking. Is it safe to refund the money to him?

Life is full of risks and you are going to have to decide. But you have had their for the initial 60days and you have been waiting for somebody here to tell you what to do for 3 days. If I was your customer I would be starting to think you are not going to return the money and would be thinking about taking some sort of action anyway.

I would have thought as long as you have evidence of what has happened and deal with the same company for the refund as the original payment you should be safe.

Thanks a lot Rubble for the help! I manually reached PayPal Shanghai and they issued the refund for me.

It is safe. There is a small fees though.

You can actually contact paypal and they can change the settings in your account so you can issue a refund for up to 120 days.