Is CodePen down for anyone else?

CodePen keeps freezing every time I go on their website.

Hi there asasass.

I have not experienced anything unusual on the site.


What browser are you using?

I’m using firefox.

For me it seems fine.

…This tool says it’s down.

I use a variety of browsers and operating systems. :biggrin:


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CodePen works on all of them? Have you checked?

Have you tried firefox?

Fine here on Firefox… lemme check again.

Yep seems fine here. Guess they’re doing updates or something.

Yes, and also Vivaldi within the last ten minutes running Linux Mint


This link keeps freezing my browser while logged out of codepen.

Some parts of their home page are rendering slowly for me. I’m currently on an older iPad using Safari.

Could this be some sort of retribution for your
long time patronage of ? :rofl:


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When I scroll down all I see is black.

Also, nothing is clickable on the screen.

I had that issue last week. As I learned, they were doing updates, so that’s what they’re still trying to do. But it’s all good here my end since that time.

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