Is blogs are only to earn money?

Guys people are starting blogging for money or any other reason?
Anyway’s which is the best blog i want to start a blog?

I have many many blogs only for the money, but 1 for a personal passion :slight_smile:

there lots of reason…some just do it for fun and as their hobby, others do it for money and as well to share their passion, while there also some who just create blogs for ad purposes…

Hopefully, whatever you do (even if it’s for a living) it won’t simply be “for the money.” Doing what you love, what makes you unique, and what contributes to the welfare of others is the highest human pursuit.

Perhaps the reason for blogging is now clear to you. Some for money, some for fame, some for just sharing. Now, what is your purpose for starting a blog? Is it for money? Is it for fame? Is it for just sharing? You have to answer the question first before you could plan as to what type of blog you would put up. Goodluck!

How much money is that blog making, and how much do you need to quit your job?

You also can use blog to share something with others… For example, your feeling or something like that…

some people blog for money… others to share their experiences… for some, they want to have an open diary… others want to be popular through blogging.

We have a blog on our website and it is more geared towards offering tips, tricks, and support to users of our products (we sell software programs on our website). The blog is posted on our site. So personally our blog does not generate income directly, but it does help our current users which is just as important.

All I can say is most blogs are there for sharing and for the money BUT a good percentage of blogs aren’t getting $$$ because it’s either they don’t have ads or they don’t get much traffic.

Blogs main purpose is to post updates about the blogger. But nowadays many people do blog to make money through advertisements and affiliate marketing.

What I learned about blogging is that bloggers should know not just to write but also to capture their readers attention through special offers, popups, social sharing. But some of this can be successfully done through the use of software <snip/> who can entice readers to purchase the bloggers offer if there are any :slight_smile:

Not only to earn money,but also a place to you can share feelings with others,you can also see it as dairy,right?

I do have a question. Just how much money can you expect from a blog if you monetize it? Let’s say you have a personal blog that has around 100 visitors in a day, would that be enough to quit your job?

Blogs are not only for money. The blog creation is also to share the personal experience. One of the easiest to share our all kind of information is blogging. Some people using it to earn money. The blog creation is so easy & so many sites providing for free blog creation. I suggest you to create in Google Sites , [URL=“”]Blog Spot , [URL=“”]Word Press etc.,

not for money, but it is better if my blog can earn money, sometime people need to understand and praise from others

if my blog have no traffic, I will stop

High percentage is for money othere are sharing there experience, Each web page play a role to make money

For the most part it is about making money. There are many people who begin a blog to share with friends but that peters out pretty quickly. I think that people are using Facebook nowadays for sharing what they are doing in their lives.

Blog’s are also a great way to write what you want and mean. Earning money is a plus.

blogs are also a good way to plug your website or whatever else, so yeah a lot of it is money.

I open and start blog only for making money and at the same time I would love to give something to the visitors and readers coming to my blog.