Interviewing iphone developers


I am making apps for the iphone. Now I need some devs for iphone development. I am in India and I don’t think there are many devs who can do iphone programming. So I plan to hire a C, C# developer for iphone development and then plan to train them for iphone development. Do you guys think this is a good idea.

Which programmers will find learning xcode easy, those with VB expertise, .net, or C, C++ devs.

Any ideas?


Doesn’t the iPhone use Objective C? I remember watching a few videos from Apple and AFAIK that is their language. So then C# or C++ would be a good skill to interview for.

Yeah, it does use objective c. I think you need one week before you can start making basic apps for the iphone. Someone who can innovate and improvise would be the right candidate for making apps.

Why not ask for objective-C programmers, see where that gets you, before you start training other people (at your expense) to be cultured in iPhone development.

Well, that is a very valid point. I think I must give this a shot.