Newbie Needs Help

I created my first web site using the Sitepoint HTML & CSS book to overwrite everything in an outdated web site but when I uploaded my content and images through FileZilla for some reason none of my images appear and all of my links to download documents are not functioning either. I’m confused because they appear to work when I test them on my desktop but I am obviously missing something…can anyone help me? I wasn’t sure which forum to use so please let me know if there is a more appropriate one to use.

It depends on the server configuration - some sites are case sensitive, others are not. (The exception is that domain names are never case sensitive). For that reason, it’s generally considered good practice to always use lower case in your folders and filenames, so that you don’t run any risk of confusion or using the wrong case.

Thanks Ralph! While I was waiting I started playing with the paths and figured out I didn’t have capital letters in the filenames…who knew sites could be so picky! Thanks for the speedy reply and if I run into any other roadblocks, I’ll be sure to come back for help! :wink:

Hi driebaby, welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

Is it possible for your to post a link to the site? That’s the only way we can see what’s wrong. Otherwise, you need to check all the file paths to make sure that the links are actually pointing to the files.