Introduction to Adobe Business Catalyst - Part 2

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In the second and final part of the Adobe Business Catalyst series Rob Frieman is going deeper into the ecommerce capabilities and shows you how to configure and customize a shopping cart and checkout workflow.

In part one, we’ve taken the design, broken it down into its components, and set up the site templates and some pages. We also got the online store set up by building product and catalog pages. Finally, we’ve done a walkthrough of the integrated marketing capabilities by setting up a subscription list and a newsletter.

In part two, Rob is going deeper into the ecommerce capabilities, showing you how to configure and customize the shopping cart and checkout workflow. Then he takes a look at the depth of reporting and analytics that come with the site out of the box, as well as reports you can set up on your own. In addition, Rob shows you how to set up accounts for your client to take on some of the administrative tasks without breaking the site along the way.

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these series of articles on BC are the best I have seen. Well done, folks!