2 separate (but linked) databases

I have a brief to build a new website for a customer. it is basically a really fancy employment agency, in which the employers will have a login and the job-seekers will have a login.
The Job Seeker will have their own profile page once they have registered and will be able to see specific jobs that they show interest in.
Is this possible in Business Catalyst.
I am designing the website in Adobe Muse and also using Adobe Edge Animate. as the site will be very interactive, any advice will be welcome.

If by Adobe Catalyst you mean the pre-created and pre-configured elements that you can use to create a whole website in a breeze… I suspect not but I don’t know Adobe Catalyst that well.

I would assume that it will not be as stratight forward than other type of sites such us e-commerce websites and the like.

Now, if you simply mean if it is possible to do it with Adobe Catalyst, I guess it is although it will take a lot of work

I do hope that someone can give you a good recommendation though. Although I do like Adobe Catalyst, I don’t use it myself. I simply opened it one or two times.

The problem with that kind of automated systems is that you loose control and I don’t like that. In addition to that, Adobe Catalyst works well for RIA and AIR and I don’t use AIR

Thanks Molona, Yes I am obviously trying to keep things as simple as possible, but at the same time use software that I am familiar with. i.e. doing the design elements as much as possible with Muse and Edge Animate, and using Business Catalyst for the e-commerce side. I would consider Wordpress or similar but i am not sure I want to go that route as I feel too limited by what I have seen.

I agree that you lose the control but as long as that side is managed well I would be OK with it.

I think you know much more than I do regarding Adobe Catalyst. I can only provide moral support :slight_smile: