Integration of Wordpress blog in Joomla

Hi friends,
I have a Joomla based website. I want to integrate word press blog in my website. How is it possible?

Yes its possible. I have once used this - corephp component / plugin.

There are many more available and you can check them at > Social Web > Social Edition > Blog integration

Trying to Mashup WordPress and Joomla isn’t a good idea for ease of maintaining your site. Why don’t you just create the blog natively in Joomla?

Thanks for sharing your’s valuable knowledge

I’d vouch for converting the entire site to wordpress simply because it was ‘born for blogging’. Next you may have your way and view :slight_smile:

If you have not started the blog, you should check K2 component in Joomla - it is simply amazing… it has different layouts per category, tags, users, custom fields, image gallery, video, main image resize etc… It is used by thousands of sites around the globe…