Requirements for receiving payments PAYPAL


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As a developer If I want to implement receiving payments using Paypal what should I need.

Environment: User have an a/c in my site. They can recieve payments using Paypal from Me. What data I need from them to pay them? Me and user both have paypal a/c.

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You can integrate paypal in your site.Than you can doing transaction easily…

Yes, PayPal account email will be enough.

I think all you need is the email address they use for PayPal.

What I need to implement this? I don’t want to login paypal again and again. Just click pay it will pay the user…

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I want to create an environment something like below-

User have an associated a/c in my site. They will get paid from me using Paypal. They will make request me to PAY them.

I will get the list of users made the payment request in a page. (For example here in this forum If I click the link of unanswered post, I will see the page with a list of unanswered post)There will be pay now button(associated with each row at the right side)
for example:

If I click Pay now then Payment will be made from my site(I will stay in my site If I click PAY from 3rd row then it will pay C …I will do this using jQuery), will not go to Paypal since for every individual if I need to go to Paypal then It will take longer time… that is unmanageable.

Can I do this using paypal. How can I? What I need for this? Express checkout or Direct payment or WEbsite payments PRO

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If not clear please LMK.

Could you explain in more detail what you are trying to do? I don’t really understand. Paint a scenario of what would be happening.

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What I need to implement the above environment? Is express checkout enough or need others. I don’t want to go to for pay, Just Click Pay, it will pay the user.

If anything not clear plz LMK.