Integrating facebook to my simple site

I am not really sure if we are doing it right but here’s the thing. I am really glad and appreciate if someone can guide me on this process…

My son has a little project and you know I am not a programmer… He created a simple page and wanted to import facebook details after logging in through facebook… The problem is we don’t know how to make this site work with facebook login… I mean, how to login in this site using facebook details… I ulploaded all files in one of my idol sercers and here it is for everyone to check…

Any suggestion to make this page work with facebook is highly appreciated

Thanks a lot,

Hi frank,
Thanks for the response though I am late to post my response. I have solved the problem but after reading your message, I made some modifications and have better result…


sorry as i am not 100% sure and i dont know what you actually want
may be seeing these links might help it
how to connect you web with facebook

wizard to to create facebook connect in some steps

Badges to get facebook photos and other stuffs to your site
Lots of Widgets to get your fans,page members,feeds to your page
some info about facebook connect

but i still dont know what you actually want so sorry if it was not what you were looking for…

I don’t know if it’s not possible. I imagine the lack of responses is more due to not many members being familliar with the Facebook API.

I’m not sure what information you want to get from Facebook or how integrated you want things to be. If it’s just getting data (i.e. member details) then I imagine you could have a script do the logging in and data collecting.

What do you mean by “a membership site based on Facebook members”?

I agree… perhaps its not possible… I told my son to use wordpress then… thanks…

Looks like the thing above is not possible since no one is responding.

How about this…

Is there any script that could import facebook member details into one member site? How about wordpress, is it possible to create a membership site with wprdpress based on facebook members?

Thanks again