Invite Facebook Friends Widget/Module on Website?

Hi guys, first off I just wanted to introduce myself - I hope to be an active member in this community in the future!

Anyways, I do have a question - would it be possible to have a widget/plugin on an “Invite Friends” page on my WordPress site that would allow a user to enter their Facebook login details, see a list of their friends, and pick a few to send a message to with a link inviting them to join my site? Right now I’m just using a button that allows the user to make a status update with a sign-up link to my site but I’d like more integration.

Thanks in advance!

Well since you’re asking your site to work with Facebook user data you’ll have to do it through the Facebook API and I expect due to privacy issues there will be limitations to what data you can access. Have you checked the Facebook Developer’s pages?

Thanks awasson for the advice! I’m thinking of using the send button they have - - would this work?

I think the Send widget might just work… I would try it anyway and see.

Hey I was just looking at the Facebook Registration Widget, that integrates Facebook’s login with your site… It might be something to integrate into your site as well: