Facebook login implimentation

Hello. good people. I hope you’r all ok. I need your help. I have a wordpress site that allow users to register. I would like to add a facebook login button so that users dont have to put their credentials when loging in or creating account. I know I can get all the user information from facebook. What is givin me a headach is password section…how can I impliment this without asking for pasword when user login with facebook. I know many plugins can do this, but I like doing it from scratch. Thank you.

I recommend going to the horse’s mouth as the will say - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login

That’s what I’m a doing and so far so good and I just want to add Facebook has some pretty strict requirements for adding a Facebook login option.

Hi Pepster64. Thank you for your answer. I already visite facebook developers. My question is how fo i create a session for user who login with facebook.

Aren’t there like a million plugins that would do this for you. Why are you wasting the clients money, increasing upkeep costs, and potential for bugs. It doesn’t really make any sense. One of the advantages of using WordPress is the large ecosystem.

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