Integrating Facebook and twitter with my website

Hi guys. Am becoming more and more interested in the use of social media for my website and how facebook, twitter etc will be the major player in search in the not to distant future. From this I have heard about integrating my twitter and facebook accounts on website. Does anyone have any views to doing this with regards to SEO etc?

It’s obligatory to do this interconnections. They drive traffic, esp Facebook. You can install the widgets of these networks on your site. ALso you can promote your resource there/ There are plenty of moves. Write what you are interested in.

Cheers for your thought Altony. Think am gonna have a like button displayed on my sidebar or footer and even a live twitter feed also on my website. But do you think this could badly effect the SEO on my website (Slow page loading etc?)

We’ve been integrating various like buttons across our sites and it does have some value. FB more than twitter in terms of driving traffic.