Install docker with already mysql on machine

Hi I am very confused I am used php with IIS and Xamp, so I have already mysql and phpmyadmin on my machine, I want to start using docker, but I am confused if I need to remove mysql phpmyadmin to install it with docker, or docker install a completly different version of those?

Hopefully you’re not using XAMPP for a live website? :nono:

To be honest I do not know if you really should start using docker if you do not know the absolute basics.

Docker is just a virtual container. It installs nothing. Of course you can use preconfigured docker images which might fulfill your needs most, but at the end you will fail when you need to configure one thing other then the standard.

Therefore there is no advantage in using docker that way too

Docker becomes interesting when you start to use deployment tools with different deploys on different needs etc. not for one website or one Webapp

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Docker does not use PHP, IIS, MySQL or phpMyAdmin. XAMPP is an Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. Perhaps there is something you are not telling us. Probably you want to use Docker to use one of those other software in a Docker container. If that is why you are asking this question then the answer is that a fundamental purpose of Docker is to allow use of multiple versions of software in a system independently of each other.

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