Docker and Workbench?

I am not convinced that Docker and Workbench deserve the place you have made for them in your latest book.
I have just taken my docker environment into the bush for two days to do some reading and work and docker doesn’t work without an internet connection! That is a deal breaker for me and I am surprised that it was overlooked as a con in your assessment and recommendation. While I can appreciate that the easy relocation of Docker is great, it is not important when you are learning.

Then there is Workbench - it would have to be the most unintuitive piece of software I have ever used. I used to think phpmyadmin was bad but it is a Rolls Royce compared with Workbench. Again, I can appreciate it’s powerful, but for a learner, I would rather use text and a terminal.

So, I wasted a couple of days and am heading back to MAMP - it just works - even without the internet!

Thanks for your php mysql books, they have all been invaluable.