InnoDB: Operating system error number 5 when trying to reset root password

I am using the command line in trying to reset the root password in MySQL 5.1 using mysqld.exe but all I get is:

091113 20:59:36 [Note] Plugin ‘FEDERATED’ is disabled.
091113 20:59:36 InnoDB: Operating system error number 5 in a file operation
InnoDB: The error means mysqld does not have access rights to
InnoDB: the directory. It may also be you have created a subdirectory
InnoDB: of the same name as a data file.
InnoDB: File name .\ibdata1
InnoDB: File operation call: ‘open’.
InnoDB: Cannot continue operation.

When I look around for a solution I get the impression that this is not MySQL but Microsoft. Can anyone help me reset the MySQL root password?!

Thanking you in advance,


your data folder and mysql configuration file are probably in non-default locations and you are not using the --defaults-file option to specify the path to the configuration file.

you have two options:

[list][]use the --defaults-file option to specify the path to your configuration file
]instead of starting mysql from the command line, add skip-grant-table to your configuration file and start the server normally. log in and reset the password. remove skip-grant-tables and restart the server to return to normal operation.[/list]

Thank you longneck.

I discovered that the problem was indeed Microsoft! I needed to run mysqld.exe under admin privileges. Once I did that the the password changed and all I needed to do was restart MySQL as a service and login using the reset password.

Very many thanks for you help and support.

Best regards,