So many problems :(

I installed MySQL Server 5.1, set a password and all was working well. I was messing around in Navicat with the Databases and somehow I messed everything up, and it all went downhill from there.

I’ve tried following every instruction available but I keep getting Error Nr. 1044 and 1045. If I try to reset the password using the Command Prompt (followed from a tutorial) I keep getting the Access denied for "@‘localhost’ to ‘mysql’. I’ve tried flushing privileges, resetting the password. I’ve tried everything imaginable. I read somewhere that "@‘localhost’ means anonymous user, so how would I set the user back to root? I’m completed inexperienced with MySQL, and how I got it working in the first place is beyond me. If someone could help I’d really appreciate it.

Try logging in from the command line like this, assuming your username is “root”

mysql -u root -p

It should prompt you for the password.

Ahh I finally fixed it…I ran the cmd for -skip-grant-tables, reset the password, but the only problem I have now is, after done all that, closed out all the prompts, I go back into Admin -> Services and try to run MySQL, it doesn’t run unless I goto my task manager and end the process mysqld.exe. After that, MySQL in Services will work, but when I try to reconfigure the password in MySQL Server Reconfiguration, I get the "Access Denied for ‘root’@‘localhost’.

Btw, I’m using MySQL Server 5.1

Any other ideas?