Indexing and canonical issues in my website

I am facing not index pages issues on my website.
And also canonical issues as well .
How can I fix this with the help of programmatic SEO

How to Fix Common Canonical Issues. There are two main ways to fix canonical issues on a website: by implementing 301 redirects, and/or by adding canonical tags to your site’s pages to tell Google which of several similar pages is preferred . The right option depends on the canonical issue you’re trying to resolve.

@astropsychicdev, care to be more specific to the OP’s site? That answer is very vague…

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Have you done any of the things listed in the same threads that have been posted in the last 2 weeks?
I assume you… yaknow… actually looked there before posting the…same…thing… again…

Also, saying “I am facing canonical issues” doesnt actually tell us what issues you’re facing.

For Indexing

Indexing totally depends on Google. We can only do request indexing, so that google consider it on priority bases.

But few things can be done for fast indexing.

  1. First check you yourself didn’t set it to no index
  2. Make sure your robots.txt file isn’t blocking search engine crawlers from accessing important pages.
  3. Create an XML sitemap and Submit this sitemap to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  4. Quality Content and Internal Linking

For Canonical Issues

  1. Set the canonical URL for each page to avoid duplicate content issues.
  2. Review your website’s structure and ensure that similar or identical content exists on a single canonical URL.
  3. If you find duplicate content on different URLs, implement 301 redirects to consolidate the duplicate pages into a single URL.
    I hope these steps will help you with your issues.
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Submit sitemap.xml for page indexing in search engine.

Submit a sitemap they can Index your pages

Necroing a 2 month dead thread to repeat the last post. Classic.

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