Include security camera web-page on website

I’m currently including a local security camera on my website by exposing the HTTP page of the camera on a sub-domain of my website and then including the page in an iframe.

Local HTTP page → forwarded to a public server → exposed on domain → include the exposed page in website


The problem with this approach is that anybody can see the video when accessing the exposed HTTP page of the camera (on the subdomain). And if I add authentication e.g. basic auth to the camera page all users of the dashboard containing the camera also need to enter the credentials even though they are already signed in to the dashboard.

Is there some other possibility to include the HTTP page of the camera without exposing it publicly or bypassing the auth on the dashboard?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

If the users logged into the dashboard then why not read and validate their credentials to see the camera page? For logged in users they could see it and non logged in users couldn’t.

The camera exposes its video stream on a separate website that cannot be customized, so I currently have no way to check for credentials there. That is why I’m thinking of including the page in another way since I cannot check states/credentials on the page.

Does this page contain more then the image/video of the camera? If not, why not only load the image in a <div> with javascript?

Yes, it includes the control of the camera (PTZ), settings and a few more features. Loading the video stream via Javascript is possible, but the PTZ functionality is needed so that is not possible for my use case.

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