Embedding the video an ip security camera on a web, is it possible to do it?

I need for a project to incorporate the video of a security camera ip into a web page, any idea how to do it?
Here you can see a photo of the security camera and their model: ecuatecnology.com.
It can be an HTML code or javascrip, well what matters the method what matters is if it will be possible.
In the company we have a conference room in which is installed a security camera of high resolution PTZ this is an IP camera which can regulate the movement and zoom, the idea is that through a web we can transmit the video of This live camera embedding your images directly on the web.

You want to stream the video live over the Internet? Here’s an article that covers the process: https://www.dacast.com/blog/how-to-stream-live-video-over-the-internet-and-what-that-means/ Does this address your issue?

This is a question you should ask their customer support about. It depends on a lot of factors and there really isn’t any way for us to guide you from here.

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