In page link with mobile device issue

I made a mobile optimized website using bootstrap as the frame work. For the direction page I used an accordion. The issue is when you close the tab the screen view moves down to where only half of the tabs title shows. How can I make it where when you close the accordion the view shows all of the accordion?

Could you give us a live website please? Or some code to work off of?

Yes… Here is the link to the page

Is this on a particular mobile browser? I opened up Chrome and resized it to mobile and it closes/opens fine with no content cut off.

No. I have mainly tested it on Chrome.

Here is a picture of what it looks like after I have collapsed the 2nd tab on the accordion. Only about half of the title “I-98 North (from Thornburg)” shows. I would like to have it when you collapse the accordion tab the view will scroll up to show the entire accordion(all collapsed in).

Think this might be more of a Javascript question. It appears that the JS is causing this.

ok. I will post the question in the JS forum with better detail about it. Thank you very much Ryan! Have a blessed day!

You might simply try putting <br> in front of the line that you see half of.

Could you elaborate?

<br><p>I-95 North...</p>

The idea is to simply add space before the line to force it down, whether by adding < br > or padding to the top. I don’t know your code, so I can’t say this is appropriate. Something to consider.

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