Bootstrap Accordion collapse issue

Hello! I first posted this question in the HTML forum, but I was suggested that it is a JS issue.
I am using bootstrap as my framework for a mobile optimized website For the directions page I am utilizing an accordion to display the directions from different locations. The issue is when you collapse in the tab the viewpoint scrolls down to where only half of that tab’s tittle is shown(attached is a picture). There is a total of 3 tab on this accordion, it’s been tested on Chrome IOS/desktop and Safari. How can I adjust this?

It looks like you have three separate versions of bootstrap being loaded. The first couple being clobbered by the last one of an older version.

I suggest that you tidy that up first so that only one bootstrap is used, before focusing further on the accordion.

Thank you for helping me! Here is what I did. First: I Found the bootstrap JS files and either removed that line of script or replaced the linked file with new files that were downloaded from the bootstrap site, so they include all of the jQuery plugins for v3.3.1. What is the next step?

What is the next step, that I could take?

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