Accordion only works in Developer mode. jQuery problem?


I created an accordion nav on my page but it only works in Developer mode. Once I’m off that mode only some of the tabs work, but not all. Same with mobile view.

Is it my jQuery code?

My link is:

This is the accordion nav


Thank you!

They all seem to work fine for me, both full screen desktop view and in a smaller window.

What doesn’t work, exactly? What’s happening? The sections aren’t opening when clicked, or?


At some page widths a transparent section of the carousel slider is overlapping the accordion and thus you can’t click some of the panels. Depending on the browser width you can click most of them or at smaller widths you can only click the last couple of panels.

Either hide the overflow on the carousel or perhaps more easily raise the z-index on the accordion.



Paul, thank you for looking at it! This worked. Thanks so much!

HI Jeffrey.

It worked on some browsers, partially, not all. Paul figured it out. Thanks for replying!

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