In a C# solution, how do I add an .EXE project to a solution of DLL project's?

In a C# solution, how do I add an .EXE project to a solution of DLL project’s?

This is using Microsoft Visual Studio Professional.

I have been handed a solution file which contains three projects. But all three projects generate DLL files. It is kind of unique because I have uncovered that they contain XAML files. So there is the opportunity to use the dll’s to display WPF style UI as long as I properly create a new project for the solution. And this is what I am asking. What are the steps involved in creating a new project in the solution that is an executable and loads the DLL’s and displays the UI’S?

It has been a while, but you should be able to just add a new project to the solution of the given windows project type (windows form project or something) and from within that project add the dlls as a reference into the project. Then you should be able to get at their UIs. Hopefully you get what I am saying.

This question is a couple weeks old but if you are still seeking assistance then please first define what you mean by DLL. A .Net Class Library is a DLL. If they are not .Net Class Libraries then they might be COM DLLs or they might be native DLLs.

I think that is the important part of your question. The answer depends on the type of DLL. It is easy to add an exe project to the solution but using the DLLs from it might be more complicated.

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