Compiling multiple projects into a single dll?

Is there a way to copmile a solution into a single dll?

Said solution may have several custom projects. I want all of them, and all the third party dll’s they reference compiled into a single dll.

If so, please tell me how. If not, just tell me so.

Whoa, that’s cool as heck. I just tried it on the SharpArch 1.5 bin dir. It not only worked, but now I only have to reference one assembly! Technically, I could even merge in the mvc app!

Thanks Pufa!

Beware! ILMerge comes with it’s own pros and cons!

This is quite interesting. What would be the cons of merging your dlls? Other than bloated filesizes?

DNS, from the ILMerge homesite, there are cases where certain things collide when merged. This site has other info as well.