How to to promote my site?

i opened a website for wholesaling and retailing clothes and shoes,but it seems that do not work well. there is only a little people visit.
i do not know how to promot my site, and make it more popular? do you have any good ideas?

Now days seo plays an important role in internet marketing.You can take help of seo to promote your website.

You need links from other relevant websites. So you need to find how to get them…either by changing links with them or buying an ad space.

Also good SEO site gets high ranking in results so you’ll get lots of visitors if your site is built with good SEO in mind.

Create relevant backlinks to your site - so choose sites whose content is relevant to your own and approach them to link exchange. You should also look for one-way links to your site from places such as directories, forums, blogs etc.

Forums are a great way to find customers for online stores (especially when first starting out). If you’re trying to reach consumers, have a look at:

The best thing to do is to increase your traffic by doing SEO specifically Link Building, article/blog/directory submission and others.

Yes, you have to do some SEO link building techniques to promote your site. Top rankings in SERP will popular your site & gives more traffic.

If you’ve never tried ShiverLink, I’d recommend it for starters. It’s a free service that allows you to build a website supporter following. More information in my sig.

if you are confident that your website is well designed that users will find all the things they need…then go ahead for a SEO specialist or webmasters who will help you rank your site and there by increase your business.

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