What size document do you start with in PS when designing a website?

I am curious what a good standard document size is when you design a website in Photoshop.

Also, is 72DPI still good for resolution?

Depends on your site, if you have a lot of details to add, then go for the larger sizes. On the other hand, for icons, you can quickly go to a document a hundred pixels in size.

Width usually 1000px and then i put margins to work on 960px width. Height depends of content.

DPI means nothing when doing graphics for the web. Unfortunately i learned that it has everything to do with doing PRINT. My graphics guy told me 300dpi is the least to use for print coming from a PC… 600dpi is suggested.

When I make a design I usually start with 1024*768 with 72dpi

Get the entire pack and use their photoshop template, its a start. You’ll eventually find the right one for you.

In what context to you mean 72 dpi? As the visual web browser has no concept of DPI values. Therefore I assume you are referring to printed output from a finalised website where the ‘font size 72 dpi’ would be loosely a logical inch and would be a good value.

I use a large format, 1920x1200 or more so that I can experiment and tune the appearance for larger resolutions.

I have looked at the 960 GS before but have never really used it. Thanks for the input.


72 dpi is something like “default desktop resolution”. Anything above is for printing quality.
In Photoshop i usually go with 1600px X 1000px, but I mostly use Illustrator for designing my sites, as it gives me a lot more freedom, and I guess I got used to it more than I did on Photoshop

I always use 950px X 1100px. That seems to look the best on different resolution with out making it too small on some or too big on others.

I start with 1024px X 768px, 72ppi to get the main blocks down, and expand from there (plus I use Illustrator and you have tons of artboard space to expand into). I also make sure my rulers are set to pixels by default so there is no accidental scale mixup.

The only time I’ve ever run into scale/size issues is when I didn’t realize the document was set to print specs (rulers set to inches and 300ppi) and didn’t check the actual on-screen resolution [CTRL + 1].

ppi = digital measurement
dpi = print measurement used by some kinds of printers

[B]After doing some testing, it looks like in the end ppi really doesn't matter unless you are going to print something or export to PDF. For web, only the pixel dimensions matter.[/B] ([I]Of course everything will look smaller on an 11 inch netbook compared to a 22 inch flatscreen monitor, but that's a slightly different matter.[/I]) [B]It helps to start with the dimensions in pixels instead of inches.[/B]

I made three documents in PS - all 300px by 300px with different resolutions (300ppi, 150ppi and 72ppi). 

All three exported jpgs/gifs the same size: 300x300. So they will all be the same size/dimensions when you put them online. 

But when you go to PRINT them you can see where resolution becomes important.  (see attached screenshot)
- The one set to 300ppi prints a one inch square.
- The one set to 150ppi prints a two inch square.
- The one set to 72ppi prints a 4.1666... inch square.

Stick with 72DPI when working on Web stuff, 300DPI with print stuff but make sure you dont create Web graphics on 300DPI cos it just gets a bit weird especially text.

I start my document at 1600px by 1000px. Then i set guides at 320 and 1280, then i get 960px to work with. Check out 960.gs.

Great question!

I mostly start with 1200px X 1000px, with guides of 960px width. Always 72dpi!