Illustrator or Corel draw

Hi Guys, could you please suggest which one is better, Illustrator or CorelDraw?

I have nevered used CorelDraw, but I taken college courses in Adobe Illustrator. It’s a nice design graphic programs that lets you do a lot of things and even can incorporate it into Photoshop.

I have never used Illustrator but I have used CorelDraw.
It was overkill for my simple needs - I am not a graphics artist - but it worked well.

My guess is that since you are already familiar with Photoshop there is a better chance you would find Illustrator easier to pick up

Hey Guys, I just got is offering a very good discount on CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8. So, thinking about to take this offer. Do you know, is it real?

I don’t know that site, but it has no contact details, and the domain is registered with privacy protection. Those two things are enough to make me suspicious and I’d be very wary of the site.

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oh, okay. Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

OK - I looked at this more closely. Did you mean this?

There is no “coupon code” given, that I can find. If you use the “Get Deal” button, what you’ll get is this:

That’s a reduction of just 10%, not 60% as advertised. (The link does go to the official Corel site, so it should be safe to use.)

Illustrator will offer you the most options in sharing files and compatibility. This is especially true if you plan to illustrate, develop icons, or work as a graphic artist. If you solely base your “choice” tool based on cost, you will be disappointed down the road.

Can you share more about why you are wanting or needing to choose between these two software options?

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