Corel Draw VS Photoshop

Hello everyone, i wanna know wich program you preffer because im starting to take computer classes next week and i want to learn from one of this two programs.

I can only afford one course, the cost is 25 bucks a week so wich one you preffer?, what are the differences between this two?

So long and good luck!!

Both are different all together.

CorelDraw outputs Vector images & Photoshop outputs Bitmap output.
Corel is used mainly to create images for print, with high resolution. Photoshop can be used to create images for web, presentations, retouching scanned images, etc.

What you should ask yourself is, what you want to do after learning CorelDraw or Photoshop?
If you want to become a web-designer & come aboard the world of internet, then I suggest Photoshop.
If you want to be a graphic designer, with not much attention on the internet, then you should go with CorelDraw.

But a general advice is that, you should pick both, if you can.

Learning both of course is ideal but CorelDraw is easier to learn on your own while Photoshop is far more complex (vector graphics I think are easier to learn).

Gool luck!

Like I say, its a matter of perspective. Its up to oneself really, what’s easy & what’s not. While a thing that appears easy to someone, may not be easy for others.

For me, I learned Photoshop quick enough, but I still struggle with CorelDraw.

And like I said, its a matter as to where you want to go. If your more pressing concerns is to learn for the web, Photoshop is a good choice otherwise go with CorelDraw.

I’ve been using CoredDraw since version 3 - so I don’t have any trouble with it! But as previously mentioned - it depends on what you’re trying to do. CorelDraw ain’t the best with web graphics, and Photoshop ain’t the best for print output. Pick the one that best represents the path you wish to follow.

Also they are different in price!

Having never\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0 used Photoshop, I can’t give an opinion on with is better.
However, as for the differences in price that jamessxv7 mentioned Photoshop CS costs $649.00 on the Adobe site and Corel Draw Essentials 2 is $79.99 on the Corel site. Corel Graphics Suite 12 is $399 and that has Corel Draw 12 (vector), Corel Photo-Paint 12 (jpg, gif, and the like), Corel RAVE 3 (flash animation, animated gifs and quick-time), plus some other stuff. Granted, I use version 11, so I don’t know what kind of improvements have been made. Corel Graphics Suite 12 isn’t available on Mac, but version 11 is.
Also take into consideration that I don’t know what comes with Photoshop CS.

As for how Corel works, I’ve had some trouble with it, but I haven’t installed the patch yet.

CorelDraw is the equivalent of Illustrator, not Photoshop.

Corel Photo-Paint is the equivalent of Photoshop.

Illustrator and CorelDraw are both excellent applications, and which one you should choose depends on which one you’re familiar with (if you’re not familiar with either, use CorelDraw ;))

For raster image editing, I would choose Photoshop over Corel Photo-paint any day. Photo-paint is only a small application and not a standalone product.

Also you can use Paint Shop Pro for raster images, it’s almost as good as Photoshop and less expensive :wink:

The operative word being almost as good.:wink: PaintShopPro is a lot behind Photoshop. I think I came across some thread some time back where PaintShopPro was labelled as “Poor Man’s Photoshop”.

Though like I said earlier, I still say, it all depends on where you want to go. If you want to design for web, then you are gonna deal with GIF/JPG format & hence you ought to go with Photoshop. If you want to go with the Print Industry, then go ahead with CorelDraw.
Its not really about comparison, really. The 2 products being discussed here are completely different & have different uses.:smiley:

Just a correction here - Corel Photo Paint is a robust application that can easily stand on its own, I’d hardly term it “small”. It has the features of photoshop and even does some things better.

The fact that you can purchase it in a package along with DRAW for less than illustrator or photoshop alone is only a drawback if you’re one of those folks who like giving software companies all the money you can.

Off Topic:

I said that because I saw a lot of works doing on Paint Shop Pro that look very impressive. This is a matter of how much you know the potential of the application. I also see works in Photoshop that looks like it have done in MSPaint :slight_smile:

Back to the topic, my recommendation is if you want to design for the print/web use the Adobe CS Collection. Both apps are a killer combination. I use Corel Draw for my prints needs but if you want to get the best of both worlds go with Adobe. The curve learning will go be more easy since both applications share the names of tools and techniques.

Enjoy learning! :smiley:

Not half!!!

I do all my work in Corel Graphics Suite (that’s the suite of apps which include CorelDRAW (vector) and Corel Photopaint (raster/bitmap). I have P****shop and Illustrator too but don’t ever need them.

IMO, Corel does things better, faster and cheaper than anything Adobe can throw at it. Hell, the ‘new features list’ on Adobe’s site make me howl! :lol:

Customizable workspace?..been there… :rolleyes: :wink:


Yeah - I use Draw and PhotoPaint, too. To date they have been able to do anything I’ve asked of them. I sat down in front of Illustrator once and was frustrated by it’s lack of features. Stuff that takes 30 seconds in Draw would take half an hour in Illustrator.

Corel isn’t trendy, and isn’t taught at most graphic design courses, so when we hire people they usually haven’t used it before. But once they’ve sat down and had a play with it the response is usually “wow”.

Yup, the ‘‘Adobe is best’’ argument is nearly always down to ignorance…

I know both softwares, so I’m qualified to comment! :smiley:

I know both products as well. I have used Corel for several years but I recently bought Adobe as well.

Photoshop vs Photopaint:

Honestly, no comparison. Photoshop can do so much more than Photopaint, in raster as well as vector. You will not be able to design a webpage in Photopaint nearly as well as in Photoshop. Photoshop beats Photopaint hands down.

Corel Draw vs Illustrator:

Here it gets a little more difficult to choose: Corel Draw is much simpler and faster for vector illustrating, but Illustrator is a much more powerful.
I usually use Corel for any illustration or logo design - it has almost everything you will need and is much easier to learn, but one out of maybe every 100 times you will want to do something in Corel and won’t be able to.

I know where you are coming from Eagle - you do mainly logo design and Corel has all that you need for that - But I believe that if you are picking one or the other, in the long run you would be better off going with Adobe.

Comparing Corel to Adobe is akin to swimming in a swimming pool vs. the ocean. Sure, the pool is more convenient and you can get in and out faster, but if you spend the time to learn how to be efficient swimming in the ocean, in the long run you will have more fun and will go more places than the pool.

…That’s my two cents :slight_smile:

That’s pretty deep… :wink:

In the ocean of course, it takes you forever to get from one side to the other. :smiley:

:smiley: I was bored and hey… it illustrates (sorry bad pun) the point.

I agree with asp_funda in as far as it depends what you want to do with your new found skills. If it’s web work you’re after though, I’d definitely go with Photoshop!