iFrame and saving contents


I am building a rich text editor. I use Iframe as text area to type.
I created my own virtual keyboard to type letters.

IE: when I press on the virtual keyboard it displays the letter in the iframe.
Safari: It does not work.

I want to get this working in safari.

Also, I am trying to save this text entered in the iframe into a file. I am unable to do this. In IE, I am not able to retrieve the content I type.

Can anyone suggest a way to do this?



Do you have some sample code or reference that I could refer to?

Probably the best option is to submit the data from the richtext area to the backend then return the original page with the values stored in the backend as links…

If you want the links to open in a new window, it’s probably best to open it in a new window passing through a query string value with the message id which fetches the message information.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try that and get back if I have any questions.

I need another suggestion. This is what I am doing:

  1. Using rich text editor, I am creating notes. So in a html page(NEW MESSAGE), I have text box and rick text editor. I give a title and under that I create notes.
  2. Storing them as a file.
  3. I want to display the stored contents with its title as a link(like email INBOX appearance) once clicked on that title, it must show the notes created with editable option.

Is it possible to implement it using Javascript, CSS and html?
If yes, can you suggest a way to do it.

My idea was this but not sure if its feasible.

  1. clicking on the title, it must open a html page which looks like ‘new message’ html. Then read values from file and populate it in its respective areas.

Kindly provide me suggestion.


Javascript cannot save information to files.

You would need to submit the information as a form to a php page, that then receives the information and does what you want with it from there.