How do I save the text edit page so I can continue using it to build my website?

Hi everyone,
I’m have a problem. I have a Mac Mini and I’m using a safari browser and text edit to write the code. I am able to see what I wrote in text edit in the browser, but if i save the text edit page and close it it turns into a browser and I can no longer use it to edit. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I’m confused about how to name the text edit page and the browser page in relation to one another. Are they both suppose to have an html extension at the end? Can someone please explain this to me thank you for your help.

Save it with a .html extension. Then, to open it in the browser, double click on the file. To open it in TextEdit, right click on the file and choose Open As, and choose TextEdit.

Hi Ralph, thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated.

Thanks to you I now know how to edit the text edit document and open it in the browser. However every time I add additional code and save it in the text edit document, I create a new browser page instead of just updating the original. Why does that happen? Thanks

R. Mack

May depend on how you are saving it. If you click Save, it should just save the original document. Are you choosing Save As and renaming it each time?

Hi Ralph,
Sorry I’m just replying. I’m nursing a bad back this weekend. I was just saving by using “command s” on the mac which is just saving, not save as. Now when I save the file It creates an additional file with an extra character. I’m not sure why that happens, No problem though, because the original file is updated and I ignore the newly created file or trash it. Thanks for all your help. I appreciate you taking the time.

No problem. Hope your back recovers soon. (I have the same problem myself.)

There is probably a setting somewhere that is causing a new version to be created each time. Perhaps look in your TextEdit > Preferences.

Or just get a better editor. If you want a free one, check out TextWrangler.