Form submit


I have a html page which has a text box, drop down box, div tag where some contents are written, iframe and submit button.

Once after I enter values in each of the html element and press submit.

  1. I want to store it locally in the system or cache.
    I want to provide a link, when clicked it reads the stored information and displays the page with editable option.


  1. After I enter values and press submit, cache the information and display it another page when clicked on a link.

Is it possible to do?
According to the requirements, to store the information I am not using DB, i want to store it locally / caching.

Language I use: Javascript & html…

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for ur quick response…

I am just creating an application using html and javascript. I am not going to put it on the internet.

could you still elaborate a little more? Personally, I’d use other tools for a local application, or set up a local server using Xampp/Wamp.

could you please elaborate a little more on “store it locally”? don’t you intend to put it out on the internet?

if the internet, using javascript for storing data is tricky as it can be disabled - so you need a server side language like php and yes a database would be nice but not necessary.

sorry, I don’t have the skills for this as I find this a less optimal solution. You’re most likely bet of getting help with this is the javascript subforum here.


I created a rich text editor with minimal features. I need to store what I save in the rich text editor. I would not want to have a server, is it possible to do without it. I know that would be the best choice. I was thinking of storing them as a flat file and read from file and display it another page.

I am not sure if I can use request.form to obtain values for form and display the values in a different page.

For example:
New.html has the values
text box : Mt.Rainier
dropdown box: Travel
Div : checklist for travel
Iframe: 1. first aid kit 2. money 3. etc
submit button: On clicking this, I want to go to the next page(Inbox.html) with a link option, when clicked on it, it opens the New.html for editing.

Is it feasible to do?