If you were to focus on just one programming language, career and financially, which?

On a course that unfortunately isnt the course of choice, but it will get me (hopefully) into the web field of employment. done one of 2 years so no point in leaving it now and the skills im learning will be of use in the future im sure.

Im thinking of teaching myself a programming language as i have quite a lot of time off for the next few months. Going to learn actionscript anyway as it is part of the course, but thinking of learning another. Only learned javascript, basics so far. Any suggestions on a language to get my teeth stuck into, that will offer help with future employment. Maybe one that with time i could get paid lots of money for (!!) or one that the industry is in need of/lack of? Or maybe one that is just what employers want. I have considered php, but hear a lot about others.

Any suggestions?

PHP seems to be the most widely used, so from that point of view, it might offer the most job opportunities. Then again, PHP experts might be in abundance, while a language like Ruby (and its Ruby on Rails framework) is becoming very popular, yet no doubt has fewer people well trained in it, so being good at that might give your more leverage.

It’s also worth asking yourself whether you want to specialize in front-end or back-end work. If front-end, it might be better to concentrate on mastering JavaScript instead. Mind you, I do get the distinct impression that back-end work generally pays a whole lot better than front-end, but I have no solid evidence on that—just anecdotal.

PHP is popular because it is the most widely supported.

If we’re talking about programming languages as a whole (including for desktop programming) then C# is the most popular, just behind Java. As a result, and with Microsoft continuously improving its software I doubt it’ll be long before the general Web Development public fully embrace ASP.NET, along with MVC and the view engines that come with it.

It’ll be near impossible to tie your entire career to a single Web Development language, but at the moment anything .NET is the biggest earner, and it’s showing no signs of dying down.

If you’re not a fan of .NET, then the big languages to go for now are Ruby and Python, both with a fantastic range of frameworks and with huge backers behind them. Good developers in either language will not only find well-paid jobs, but often far more interesting ones.

My choice would be java!! this is the best programing language and is highly in demand for J2EE and Struts!! you can bult any application using this language.

Even if you are talking about PHP and .NET in website development. the area lasts only within website. I’ll prefer java more… Thaks!

yes, PHP is more common used but java is more powerful.

you may consider to learn this 2 instead? :slight_smile:

From my experience there is a need for C# web developers with an understanding of MS SQL. Lot of firms need programmers to build applications that get user input and save it to the database for future use. Getting a good understanding of C# or Java interacting with databases is a nice foundation for programming.

I always see job listings for VB.NET developers. There’s certainly a demand for it, so it might be worth investigating.

If you are new to programming then I would suggest you choose PHP, because it is easy to learn/develop. Afterwards you may want to lear Java, because your sallery as a Java developer will probably be higher.