Choosing programming language

I am a new member and just want to have an advice regarding choosing programming language. I want to have a software developer job in montreal. Which language should I learn? I have 0 level of programming. But I am good in Maths and Algorithms.

If you are planing to run the software on Windows then I suggest you use C#.NET, if you run on all of platform then using java. And of course, if it is a web software, let 's use PHP

What’s wrong with ASP.Net C# or Java as web? More than enough jobs there and web development the primary employment for both of those languages. Together, they make up an overwhelming percentage of software development employment numbers. And having worked in both of those languages professionally, more often than not a job listing either one is going to be for web development. For the startup scene, it’s going to be Ruby on Rails or Python. Most employment for PHP is more for small business websites working with one CMS or another where one developer can easily manage 10-20 sites easily, where one of the other languages may easily take 5-10 developers for a single website.

The graph is not that accurate. A PHP job is going to say PHP almost every time. A C# job could say ASP.NET, C#, .NET, or any number of other things. Same goes for Java, just with a whole lot more possibilities.

IMHO, if you’re talking web, JavaScript would be a good first language to learn. It would make learning other languages a bit easier and it will most definately come in handy for web dev

The bit in bold answers your question. This may seem like an easy answer, but have a look on local software development job advertisements and (assuming you live there already) and then see what skills are most in demand, then develop from there. Do you have a specific company in mind? Couldn’t hurt asking them what they use and require.

In addition, I would recommend learning some general programming principles that could be useful in most languages that you use, such as functions and object orientation (OOP). Knowing those principles would definitely help.

You would do well to learn Structured Programming Techniques in regards to logic formation.

Nothing gets my goat more than to see programmers using “GoTo” type logic. I have used my “Thumbs Down” on programmer candidates when applying for open positions.