If the pagerank is depend on backlinks then.................?

Hello Guyz,

I have a one important query. As we all know that websites pagerank is depending on how much quality backlinks you get for the website.

Then, I would like to introduce my new blog which i have created 2 months back for my own use.
But without creating any backlinks for this blog I have got 1 Page rank.
Can you explain how it happns? I know it is good but I want to know the reason.

I am sure you definitely posted your blog link on social media sites, like facebook, twitter and many more, It is only reason for that

Just because you haven’t created any links doesn’t mean there aren’t any links. Maybe someone else has found your site and decided it’s worth linking to, without needing to be asked.

Agree with you, the reason to obtain a page rank without holding a back links is not a problem. Google gives page rank on the basis of various parameters like content value, existing do follow links for your pages, traffic generation etc.

Khm, I always thought Google gives PR only for much backlinks. And without backlinks, I, thought - it’s impossible to get page rank

Very wrong, I think giving Page Rank to the website doesn’t depend on the number of backlink’s you have.
I may not know the real reason behind but the thing is that it has a lot of things to consider to give such PR to your site. Maybe checking the relevancy, niche, popularity, visitors, bounce rate etc.

[FONT=Verdana]PageRank (a ranking algorithm named after Google founder Larry Page) gives you a 0–10 score, and is based purely on the number and quality of inbound links you have.

Google’s ranking algorithm, which determines where your site features in the results pages, has over 200 inputs, of which PageRank is just one. You can get a top position in the results pages with PR=0, or you can find that you’re languishing on page 6 even with PR=6, because there are so many other factors that feed in.

PageRank is pretty much irrelevant, it’s just a metric that has hung on from the days when it played a significant part (about 10 years ago) because it’s the one simple measurement that Google releases to the public. And that’s kind of why it’s become irrelevant – because webbists were so focused on gaming the system to improve their PageRank that it stopped giving a useful signal about the quality of a website.[/FONT]

For new site which have well inter-linking, it is easy to achieve PR1. Secondly, when someone check a domain through whois and webstat, the site may receive a backlink.

No, I didn’t do posted any of this blog link on any social media site which have you mentioned above.

Thanks for interest in this. Nice to know this kind of information. I wasn’t aware the fact that google gives rank on the basis of various parameters like content and …
But if you could see that blog there is no any content except the tiny description with internal linking.


You are kidding us here, aren’t you?

I think he does. Knowing the fact that it is not the real basis of Google to give page rank, I mean only Google knows the requirements to get such PR we deserve.

There are no official guidelines about how Google awards the PR. Backlinks are the major factor in boosting PR but there could be other parameters too that helps in deciding the PR. Also to make sure you have PR without backlinks, just check in Google webmasters account and there should be no results for linking from external sites.