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I got Pr 2 recently from Google.But I visited few websites which have very less content with more images. but Google gave pr 4 and also it gave pr 1 for the site yet have not launched. how is this possible.?

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The content of the site has absolutely no effect on a URL’s PageRank. PageRank is a function of only the links pointing to a page. A blank webpage with no content can have any PageRank value.

It has nothing to do with your content and everything to do with backlinks.

Then how Google gave pr 1 for a site yet to be launched

There was probably a different site at that domain in the past.

quality of a back links is very important getting page rank for a website.

Content does matter but short fresh and unique content is equally important to long content.Length of the content doesn’t have much impact.But poor content has.In your situation content is not an issue.May be high PR sites have old domain name and ofcourse they must have high quality backlinks.

I think content & no. of QUALITY backlinks matter a lot. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality that works in SEO.

The PR from Google is given by taking into account the all above things.:slight_smile:

Just check backlinks those sites, Because PR depend upon the back links worth… !

It’s more likely that the quality of back links pointing to that site are higher. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he has better content. :slight_smile:

That maybe an aged domain, which has generated good ranking previously. It may also the domain owner is in midst of updating the website content, and you are so happen login to their website, there is possibility too :slight_smile:

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I searched a back link for my site in Google, the search results is 26,100 but when I try to open all the Google results pages I am able to see only 7 pages, why Google not showing All the Results.Thinks Google gives important to domain purchase compared to back links at starting stage.

Page Rank Is not depend on image and post of content its only depend on quality of back link and these back link will come from high PR blogs. And also Google changes its algorithm for finding PR of any page that’s why its all happen.