If I Were You and You Were Me

Basically I’m creating this thread in hopes to help people find answers to generating the most possible revenue from people who have the knowledge. This isn’t just for me, this for everyone. I will break down my site stats as well as niche and go from there. My partner and I own a semi successful music downloading website. I won’t post the URL because I’m not sure if thats against the TOS so here we go stat wise.

Content: Music Downloading Site (We don’t physically host anything on our servers. All we do is re-direct user’s to where the content is actually being hosted: i.e rapidshare, megaupload, etc.)

Daily Uniques: 18,000

Daily Ad Impressions: 600,000

Daily Page Views: I’m not exactly sure

Current Monthly Revenue: About $1000

Current Ad Company: We were using CPX and AdBrite but since we were displaying ads from both sites, I don’t think we displayed enough ads for CPX to keep us when they did their little switch so we got dropped from CPX and only use AdBrite.

Ad Sites That Won’t Accept Us/Banned Us: Adwords, Kontera, GorillaNation, and a few others.

We use to bring in about $4000 in monthly revenue with AdBrite about 1 1/2-2 years ago but since then its just been on a decline because of the economy I guess.

Here is what we have in the works: We are finalizing the changes on our new site which will not only handle music but media in general from movies, apps, games and e-books (no porn). We have also switched to a new domain and are building the new site around the new domain which will then free up all ad companies who previously banned us/not accepted us. We plan on just doing a blogger site in order to get accepted to adwords.

Now my question to you is, if I were you and you were me, what would you do in order to generate the most revenue. Since we will be starting fresh within the next month or so, we are just looking for some suggesstions. Selling the site is out of the question because the site still brings in + numbers at the end of the month.

Just try every ad network you find. Google for the list. Top players will ban you, but the rest will bring traffic anyway.

Yes, i would advise you to contact as many valuable networks as possible and ask for cooperation. By the way, here is a good list of networks taken from AdTechNew York in autumn 2009:

Most of attempts may be not successful, however I believe you will be able to find several good networks for you.